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Soy Cube Wax

Soy Cube Wax

Scented wax cubes are a simple, mess-free alternative to candles, oil scents, plug-ins and other home scents and if you have kids and pets running around, wax cubes can take away the worry of having an open flame in the house.

Much like candles, wax melts, cubes, and tarts are used to produce room-filling aroma in minutes. Wax melts and candles both use a combination of essential oils, fragrance oils, and wax to release scent upon being warmed. Just like candles, wax melts can come in a variety of shapes, scents, and colors.

Our soy wax cube are made 100% vegan and natural. They are available in a selection of fragrances. Simply pop one or two cubes into your wax melter/burner and allow the fragrance fill your home.

Most wax melts are made with either paraffin wax or soy wax. You should avoid paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. Always opt for a 100% natural soy wax melt that is dye-free.