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Flavor Oil -Cherry

$8.00 CAD

Flavor Oil -Cherry

This Cherry Flavor Oil is perfect for adding a delicious cherry taste to your homemade recipes. Made with natural flavor components for an authentic taste, you'll love the robust flavor this oil adds to your dishes. Use this oil to transform ordinary desserts and snacks into something extra special.

SKU: 127438343328

Categories: Flavor Oil, Oil, Flavor, Flavor Oils, Lips Gloss Flavouring, Lip Balm Flavouring, Water Flavouring, Cooking Oil

Tags: Flavor Oil , Cherry Flavor Oil, Cherry Cooking Oil, Cherry Flavouring Oil

Our line of Flavor Oils are formulated specifically for lip balms and lip glosses. The flavor Oils are manufactured using a combination of both high quality Natural and Artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with wonderful taste as it would be found naturally, without the synthetic or chemical aftertaste. 
12 ml

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