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What is Lithotherapy - Aromes Evasions -Aromes Evasions

What is Lithotherapy - Aromes Evasions

What is Lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is the practice of using crystals and stones as a method of non-invasive healing therapy where the energy and color of the stones are used to remove energy blockages in order to restore balance and the flow of energy through your meridian energy channels in your body.

A bit of history...

Evidence of the use of stones for healing dates back to ancient Greece and Rome.

In the Middle Ages, minerals and gemstones played an important role in medicine and were frequently used and prescribed by doctors. Each stone is believed to have different healing properties and could help with everything from pregnancy and childbirth to indigestion and animal bites.

What are the benefits of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is beneficial for healing many types of energy blockages in your body. Although no scientific evidence currently exists to support the benefits of crystal healing, there is evidence to support positive placebo effects among practitioners. Depending on the types of minerals and crystals used, a lithotherapy session can also help:

-Reduce stress and decrease anxiety levels
-Promote emotional well-being
-Improve sleep
-Improve intuition
-Increase the number of red blood cells
-Increase confidence

And lot more...
There are hundreds of minerals and crystals that can be used in lithotherapy.

Do you feel an energy blockage?

Crystals that are naturally drawn to you indicate that your body is intuitively connected to its healing needs.

Recommended methods of using lithotherapy include:

-Guided meditation by holding crystals or placing them on blocked energy points in your body
-Sleep with crystals under your pillow to absorb their healing properties.
-Carrying a stone for an extended period of time.

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