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The cauldron is one of the items that are most familiar and easily recognizable as a ‘witch’ or ‘pagan’ object. Cauldrons, however, are a symbol found in many cultures. Cauldrons are closely associated with the hearth. In some Pagan traditions, cush as hearthcraft, the cauldron plays an integral part in a witch’s practice and spirituality.

Spiritually speaking, the cauldron is seen as a connection to the Otherworld, a place of mysticism, and a realm of the Divine. It can be seen to signify the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  Cauldrons are seen as a feminine symbol, like most cups, bowls and other vessels. As with most other vessels, the cauldron is associated with the element of water.

Uses for Cauldrons

Cauldrons have nearly endless uses! Depending on your personal belief system or tradition, you may have different uses than those listed below. These are just some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Candleholder – metal cauldrons easily double as fairly safe candle holders. Tealights are a favorite, but filling your cauldron halfway with sand or kitty litter and placing tapers or taller candles is also popular.
  2. Incense stick holder – much like holding candles, you can place long incense sticks in your cauldron by partially filling it up with sand. It’s a fairly safe method to burn incense and keeps the ashes in one location.
  3. Offering bowl – placing floral, food or other offerings in your cauldron and placing it on your alter is another popular use.
  4. Meditation – there are many visualizations that can be aided with a cauldron. Such as placing it in the middle of a room, and visualizing all the negativity being pulled into the darkness of the cauldron.
  5. Visualization – as a method of stress relief, you can place some water into the cauldron and have a mediation session by peering into the depths. This can also work with an empty cauldron, and staring into the darkness.
  6. Floral receptacle – placing freshly cut flowers in your cauldron on your altar, it’s not only pretty but easy to clean!
  7. Ritual – there are many rituals which use cauldrons.
  8. Magic – there are many spells and magical work which can be aided by the use of cauldrons.


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