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Carrier Oil -Sweet Almond -Extra Virgin

$14.00 USD

Discover the Nourishing Benefits of Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Essential Oil - Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved

Botanical Name: Prunus Dulcis
Plant Part: Kernels
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Processing Type: Unrefined
Origin: USA

Looking for a carrier oil that's as sweet as your favorite dessert? Look no further than our Sweet Almond Extra Virgin Carrier Oil! This amazing oil is a top-notch emollient that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Extracted from roasted almond seed kernels, this oil is packed with Oleic and Linoleic Triglycerides, making it a powerhouse of skin-loving goodness.

The ancient Hindus were onto something when they used crushed almond paste as a cleanser. Today, we've taken that wisdom and turned it into a versatile and luxurious oil that can be used in all sorts of cosmetic applications. Whether you want to moisturize your skin, condition your hair, or create your own DIY beauty products, our Sweet Almond Extra Virgin Carrier Oil has got you covered.

So go ahead, indulge in the sweet, nutty goodness of our Sweet Almond Extra Virgin Carrier Oil. Your skin will thank you!

More about Sweet Almond Extra Virgin Carrier Oil

SKU: 127438359244, 127438359251

Almond Sweet Carrier Oil – Extra Virgin is a delightful pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with a characteristic roasted nutty scent. Its moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice for personal-care products, cosmetics, natural skin care, and massage therapies. With a light to medium consistency at ambient temperatures, this oil may become cloudy at lower temperatures due to its high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids. To restore its clarity, simply place the whole container in a warm water bath and mix it constantly. Embrace the nourishing benefits of Almond Sweet Carrier Oil – Extra Virgin for your skin and body care needs.

Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of up to 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended. 

Cautions: Individuals with a nut allergy should refrain from using this oil.

Storage: It is recommended that cold-pressed carrier oils be kept in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using.

PLEASE NOTE: All Products are for external use only, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a medical practitioner. Pregnant individuals and those under medical care should consult a doctor before using the products. For more details, take note of the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer for Oils

Available in: 118ml-500ml

Categories: Carrier Oil, Oil, Carrier Oils, Candle, Soap, Carrier, Oils Carrier, Cosmetic Oil
Tags: Carrier Oil, Sweet Almond, Sweet Almond Oil, Candles, Soaps, Cosmetic Extra Virgin

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