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Home Decor -Glass Crystal Ball -Engrave Flower of Life -With LED Light Wood Base -3″

$55.00 USD

Home Decor -Glass Crystal Ball -Engrave Flower of Life -With LED Light Wood Base -3″

Looking for a creative way to light up your home? Check out our LED Crystal Ball Nightlights!

These beautiful lamps create a warm and romantic atmosphere, and the clear and translucent crystal with a 3D process makes a dimensional pattern that is simply stunning. Made from reliable materials for a comfortable touch and safe use, our nightlights are perfect for any room in your home.

SKU: 127488984519

Categories: Home Decor, Decor Kids, Night Light, Crystal Ball, 3D Decoration,  nursery, bedroom, Bedroom decor kids, Weeding, Gift, Gift Idea

Tags: Night Light, Flower of Life, Decoration, LED Light, Crystal Ball,

And because they make such great gifts, our LED Crystal Ball Nightlights are perfect for any occasion.

So don't wait any longer, order yours today!

Package Included:
1 × Crystal Ball
1 × Wooden Base
1 × USB Cable

Shipping Weight: 2.20 pounds
Diameter in Inches: 3
Product Info: Wood Base 4In Diameter -USB Powered