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Meditation Accessories -Chakra Tuning Fork -Canva Bag

$38.00 USD

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Enhance Your Meditation Practice with our Chakra Tuning Fork and Stylish Canva Bag

We're excited to present the Chakra Tuning Fork Collection, complete with a versatile Canvas Bag! This incredible assortment comprises 7 tuning forks, each one uniquely calibrated to the frequencies corresponding to the orbital revolution of planets in our solar system. Designed to engage your subtle energy fields, these forks act as keys to unlock the vastness of the cosmos and facilitate your harmonization with expansive multidimensional realms.

Our Chakra Tuning Fork Kit is designed to aid in harmonizing your physiological and psychological being, serving as a powerful tool for both newcomers and experienced meditators. Enrich your meditative regimen with these tuning forks to embark on a path of universal synchrony. Secure your kit now and begin your expeditions into celestial synchronicity!

7 Chakras Meaning

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Every collection comes with a tuning fork, coupled with a rubber hammer for striking, neatly housed in a canvas pouch that ensures convenience in storage and transportation. The details for each of the tuning forks are as detailed:

1st ROOT / 194.18 Hz - This little red rascal is ready to root you down! If your base chakra was a potato, this tuning fork would be the ultimate gardener, ensuring your spuds are spectacularly grounded. Get ready to feel as stable as a table!

2nd SACRAL / 210.42 Hz - Orange you glad your sacral chakra can get some love? This citrusy sensation is here to tune up your reproductive bits and adrenal zips. It's like a vitamin C boost for your innermost wellness!

3rd SOLAR PLEXUS / 126.22 Hz - Yellow there! Ready to digest life with zest? This sunny sidekick is all about keeping your metabolic mojo and digestive dance in perfect rhythm. It's like having a tiny sun inside you, minus the unbearable heat.

4th HEART tuner, ringing in at a groovy 136.10 Hz. This isn't just any sound—it's the cosmic OM, baby! It's like a green smoothie for your spirit, boosting your immune system and getting that circulation flowing. Plus, it's perfect for when you're trying to impress your yoga buddies with your spirituality and devotion. "Oh, this old thing? Just my Heart Chakra tuner. Namaste, my friends."

5th THROAT, with a cool 141.27 Hz frequency that's as blue as the ocean on a summer day. This little guy is a shout-out to your thyroid, the unsung hero of glands responsible for turning you from a couch potato into a sprightly spud. Get ready to feel growth and maturation like never before—just don't blame us if you suddenly feel the urge to take up macramé or something equally mature.

6th 3RD EYE tuner is not just indigo; it's indi-go-get-'em with its 221.23 Hz frequency! This one's for the night owls and the early birds alike, helping your pineal gland get its act together and produce melatonin like it's going out of style. Sleep? Wakefulness? You'll have both on tap, ready to switch on and off like a light. Dreams about floating on clouds while playing the harp? You're welcome.

Finally, we crown this set with the 7th CROWN tuner, vibing at a majestic 172.06 Hz. This violet virtuoso is all about connecting you to the universe—like getting WiFi for your soul. It's about meditation, unity, and feeling the joy and happiness that comes from realizing we're all stardust with feelings. Too deep? Nah, you've got this.

You can also get the whole kit. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just trying to find a new way to annoy your cat, this Chakra Tuning Fork kit is your one-way ticket to tuning up your spiritual engine. Say goodbye to chakra chaos and hello to harmonic bliss! And remember, if your friends ask why you're gently ding-ing metal objects, just tell them you're aligning your energy fields - they'll either be impressed or confused...either way, you win! 🧘‍♀️✨🔔

So there you have it, folks—the Chakra Tuning Fork set in a Canva Bag so chic you'll want to take it everywhere. Whether you're looking to harmonize your chakras or just want to be the coolest meditator on the block, these forks are your ticket to inner peace with a side of awesome. Tune in, turn on, and drop out of stress city—your chakras will thank you! 🎶✨

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