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Spirit Animal -Carved Stone -Black Onyx -Owl with Pentacle

$13.00 USD $16.00 USD

Introducing the captivating Black Onyx Owl

A representation of the revered Owl spirit that embodies wisdom and intuitive knowledge. This mystical creature is now infused with the transformative power of the pentacle symbol, making it a catalyst for change and magic.

Let the wise owl illuminate your path as you embark on a journey towards greatness. Embrace the profound teachings of the Owl Spirit and unlock the hidden depths of your intuitive abilities. With the magic of the pentacle symbol, you have the power to manifest positive and lasting changes in your life.

Join us in celebrating the Owl Spirit, Transformative Change, Magic, Wisdom, Intuitive Knowledge, and the Pentacle Symbol.🌟🦉

SKU: 127438351903

Owl Meaning

Black Onyx Meaning, Chakras Association, Virtus & Benefits, Cleansing & Recharging

Pentacle Meaning

Height in Inches: 1.5
Width in Inches: 1.25
Depth in Inches: 0.75
Made Of: Black Onyx

Categories: Figurine, Raven, Art, Home Decor, Decoration, Statue, Statues, Ornament, Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft, Carved Stone, Spiritual Animal, Spirit Animals
Tags: Black Raven, Black Owl Ornament, Resin Ornament, Black, Owl, Owls Black Onyx,