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Stone -Black Obsidian -Rough -101g to 200g

$10.00 USD

Stone -Black Obsidian -Rough -101g to 200g

Obsidian reveals the obstacles that prevent seeing the truth in a situation and in oneself. This powerful stone promotes strength, compassion, clarity, and self-control. Obsidian can help you see what is unconsciously hidden, fears, life patterns. It is a powerful stone which quickly acts as a shield, a rampart. It would also make it possible to find calm and inner peace, it would bring well-being and harmony and would rebalance the energies of body and mind.

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Virtues and benefits

Obsidian helps against bacterial infections. It alleviates muscle cramps and reduces stomach cramps caused by menstruation. Worn as a jewel, it serves as a remedy for back pain. It is reputed to be good for health if it is on the relevant chakra. It can help with digestion, solve some digestive problems, relieve gallbladder pain, stabilize blood pressure and improve heart health.


Obsidian can be purified with water, saltwater, or salt. To cleanse it, submerge it in purified water for 4-5 hrs or salt water for 2-3hrs. For the salt purification method, the indirect approach is preferred. To recharge, expose it to moon or indirect sunlight for up to 3 hrs, or place it on a pile of rock crystal for 1 hr, day, or night. Do not leave your stone in direct sunlight.

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