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Stone -Obisidian Apache Tear -Rough

$6.00 USD

Stone -Obisidian Apache Tear -Rough

This rough Apache Tear crystal brings both energy and beauty to any living space. Apache Tears have long been treasured for their metaphysical properties, including protection, grounding, and clearing. Natural and unpolished, this crystal provides an earthy aesthetic.

A powerful tool for clearing physical, mental and spiritual clutter, Apache Tears are an integral part of many spiritual practices and rituals. With its natural, unpolished look, this rough Apache Tear crystal adds character and charm to any home.

SKU: 127438344103

Categories: Crystal, Crystals, Rocks, Rock, Gemstones, Gemstone, Minerals, Mineral, Precious Stone , Stone, Stones, Lithotherapy, Specimen

Tags: Obsidian, Rough, Apache Tear, Collection, Piece, Obsidian Apache Tear, Natural Obsidian Apache Tear,

Weight between 20g-40g/each

Due to the inherent nature of natural crystals, size and color varies.

Picture is only an example.

One crystal will be carefully selected for you!