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Stone -Opalite -Rough

$6.00 USD

Stone -Opalite -Rough

Rough Opalite Gemstones from India

Genuine gemstone from India! 

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Tags: Opalite, Extra Large, Opalite Meaning, Opalite Crystals, Natural Opalite, White Opalite, Opalite Glass, Rough, Raw

Virtues and benefits

Opalite has the property of releasing blockages. It helps reduce digestive disorders and regulates the bladder and kidneys. It also helps to activate restorative sleep and calms sleep disorders. It brings intuition and self-esteem, which restores confidence in shy people and helps them communicate better. It supports during fatigue, it calms aggressive behavior and balances energies.


Opalite is a stone that can be purified by leaving it for several minutes in a container filled with distilled water, then you will need to dry it of course. Reloading will be done in sunlight or directly on a cluster of quartz or an amethyst geode.

Picture is example only.

Size: 28-33mm average size per piece, sizes, shapes, and tones will vary.

Weight: Between 20g-38g

One crystal will be carefully selected for you!