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Stone -Tiger Eye -Tumbled

$4.00 USD

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Stone -Tiger Eye -Tumbled

Unearth the captivating power of Medium-sized Tiger Eye stones, expertly tumbled to showcase their natural beauty! Experience the sublime energy of these rare gems and let their mesmerizing hues captivate your senses.

SKU: 127430201070

Tiger Eye Meaning


Tiger's eye can be purified with pure water, salt water or pure salt. For pure salt purification, we recommend the indirect purification method. Tiger's eye can be recharged in sunlight. You can leave your stone for 2 to 3 hours in a room bathed in light.


Small :5g to 15g /each

Medium: 16g to 40g /each

Due to the inherent nature of natural crystals, size and color varies.

Picture is only an example.

One crystal will be carefully selected for you!

Categories: Crystal, Crystals, Rocks, Rock, Gemstones, Gemstone, Minerals, Mineral, Precious Stone , Stone, Stones, Lithotherapy

Tags: Tiger Eye, Tumbled, Medium