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Stone -Tumbled Chips -Mixed Tourmaline

$1.00 USD

Experience the Natural Beauty of Mixed Tourmaline Tumbled Chips

Are you ready to add some positive vibes to your life? Look no further than our Stone Tumbled Chips Mixed Tourmaline! These colorful little gems are perfect for all your crystal healing needs. Each chip is carefully tumbled to give it a smooth and polished finish, making them perfect for crafting, jewelry making, or simply carrying them in your pocket for good energy throughout the day.

The mixed tourmaline chips come in a variety of vibrant colors, each with its own unique healing properties. From promoting self-confidence to providing protection against negative energy, these chips have got you covered. And at 5 -7mm in size, they're just the right size for any project you have in mind.

So whether you're a crystal enthusiast or just looking to add a little extra positivity to your life, our Stone Tumbled Chips Mixed Tourmaline are the perfect choice. Get ready to sparkle and shine with these beautiful little gems!

SKU: 127438360646, 127438360653, 127438360660, 127438360677

Mixed Tourmaline Meaning, Virtues & Benefits, Chakras Associations, Cleansing & Recharging

Add a touch of versatility to your art collection with these high-quality crystal stones. Perfect for jewelry and art design, stone collecting, resin, mosaics, grids, and wishing bottles, these stones also offer healing properties. Reduce electromagnetic radiation and demagnetization or increase spiritual receptivity and promote clear thinking. These stones are perfect for creating lovely keepsakes and accessories such as barrettes and mini bookmarks. Add a unique touch to your home or office with these soothing stones, which also make a great addition to aquariums, terrariums, and flower pots. With their crushed form, they can be used in various ways, making them a must-have for any artist or collector.

Natural Tourmaline Chip Beads, No Hole/Undrilled

Size 5-7mm

Sold in

25 Grammes
50 Grammes
100 Grammes
500 Grammes

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Tags: Rubellite, Pink Tourmaline Rough, Chips, Art, Art Making, Jewelry Making, Decoration, Natural Rubellite